How to Build a Robust Wi-Fi Network for Your Hotel

Plan Ahead for a Successful Hotel Communication System

In recent years, a strong hotel communication system has become a requirement for success in the hospitality industry. According to Ruckus, 83 percent of guests go out of their way to report bad Wi-Fi, and 36 percent won’t return to a hotel if they had a bad experience with their internet connection. Behind the scenes, the network is just as important to your Los Angeles, CA property.

Enhance Your Los Angeles Startup with Video-Conferencing Technology

Conference Room Automation Helps You Connect With Silicon Valley Partners

According to a report by the Economic Innovation Group, the Los Angeles-Orange County region now leads the country in business startups. The area offers its own version of Silicon Valley, called Silicon Beach, at a much lower price than the Bay Area. A story by the Economist reports that entrepreneurs would have to raise around 40 percent more to run their business out of San Francisco.

Commercial AV Solutions Create Inspiring and Engaging Spaces

Provide Clients and Visitors with an Unmatched User Experience

According to a 2014 InfoComm Global AV Market Definition and Strategy Study, the audiovisual industry generates $91 billion a year and is projected to generate $114 billion globally this year. Complex AV systems continue to play a critical role in the operation of government and corporations, and thus a growing need for equipment, installation, and integration. Whether participants are in a board room, concert hall, classroom, or hotel the demand for commercial AV solutions that make meetings, events, and training more engaging and interactive will continue. Let’s explore a few places you’ll find audiovisual solutions in action in New York City.

Outfit Your Hotel with High-Tech Perks

Put Control in the Hands of Your Guests

According to the 2015 Amenities Survey, free Wi-Fi is the number one factor in choosing a hotel for 25 percent of leisure travelers and 49 percent of business travelers. Other amenities important to guests include free breakfast and parking, quiet rooms, and proximity to mass transit and shops. More and more hotels are becoming known as beacons of the latest technology offerings including fancy extras like room automation, free smartphone loans, and Apple TV. Below we’ve compiled a list of some of CytexOne’s favorite high-tech hotel perks. Read on to learn more about hospitality automation solutions for your Miami, Florida hotel property.

Complement Your Next Meeting with Boardroom Automation

CytexOne Helps Los Angeles Businesses Get Connected

Nearly every aspect of business is impacted in some way by technology trends such as big data, cloud computing, and mobility. In fact, technology has become so embedded in the fabric of business and a critical component for competitive performance that it should not be left to the IT department alone. By 2020, 71 percent of employees expect to be working solely with cloud computing and 56 percent of CFOs say they would invest in video conferencing to reduce travel costs. How can boardroom automation complement the way you conduct a meeting? Read on to learn more about key trends that will change the face of conferences and client meetings.

Millennials and Commercial Automation Shape the Workplace

Collaboration Solutions Make for a More Competitive Workforce

The makeup of the American workforce has shifted in recent years. According to Pew Research Center, in the first quarter of 2015, Millennials surpassed Generation X to become the largest share of the labor force. A year earlier Millennials surpassed the Baby Boom generation, which comes as no surprise as Boomers are retiring. Why should this workforce milestone matter to C-suite executives?