Stay Competitive in the San Francisco Market with Hotel Automation

Smart Monitoring Solutions Enhance Efficiency and Guest Satisfaction

San Francisco is one of the most cut-throat markets in the hospitality industry. With high property costs, strict building codes and competition from home sharing sights like Airbnb, hotels are struggling to keep a stronghold in one of the most popular destinations in the United States.

5 Las Vegas Hotel Technology Must-Haves

CytexOne Installs One-of-a-kind Tech for Unique Travel Experiences

Tech-savvy travelers and trade shows like CES are transforming the hotel landscape, sometimes literally. Industry experts agree that hotels are one of the areas ripest for innovation due to the long life of their property assets. Trends like voice recognition and artificial intelligence are drastically improving the consumer experience. We’ve put together a down and dirty list of Las Vegas hotel technology must-haves that will keep your guests digitally satisfied in Sin City.

Using Smart Technology to Improve Life on the Go

CytexOne Solutions Make Life Easier, More Comfortable, & Remarkably Efficient

The City of New York was recently awarded the “2016 Best Smart City” by the Smart City Expo World Congress. The award recognizes cutting-edge initiatives that help resolve urban challenges and benefit cities and their residents. Much like the city is innovating so too our local businesses and corporations. CytexOne, a developer of intelligent, connected environments, is focused on smart homes as well as smart hotels. Their mission: to show the world that well designed, well thought out applications of wireless and other technologies makes life easier, more comfortable, more affordable and remarkably efficient.

Achieve True Luxury with Technology that Works for You and Your Guests

CytexOne Offers Lighting Control Options to Meet Varying Hotel Needs

According to the Energy Star program, much of the energy consumed by buildings is used inefficiently or unnecessarily, and that number is around 30 percent. This nugget of information represents an opportunity for hoteliers to examine their properties and in particular, the lighting systems which typically account for a large portion of their energy usage. Hotel lighting control, while often one of the least appreciated ways to reduce energy use, also improves light quality, occupancy comfort, and security.

Take Advantage of the Shifts in Hotel Lighting Control and Design

CytexOne Helps Hoteliers See and Experience Light

Each hotelier strives to differentiate his or her property from the competition and in turn cater to the needs of their guests—from those who come to rest and relax in their rooms to guests that use the space to socialize, do business, and play. Hotel lighting control and design trends not only transform the guest experience but can also impact the bottom line.

Hospitality Automation Impacts Guest Experience and Operational Efficiency

Let CytexOne Transform the Operation of your Philadelphia Hotel Property

The tourism and hospitality industries bring many different types of visitors to the City of Philadelphia. Families drive to the City of Brotherly Love for the weekend; business travelers come for meetings or major conventions; international visitors explore America’s birthplace, and art lovers, music fans, and foodies drop by for a night.

Hotel Automation Solutions Set Brooklyn Hotel Apart

Let CytexOne Can Do the Same for Your Boston Property

When The William Vale hotel opens later this year it will set a new standard with its world-class hospitality, breathtaking views, elevated public green space, and state-of-the-art hotel automation solutions. With more than 14 years of experience creating automated environments with lighting, security, energy, audio, video, the Internet and wireless technologies, CytexOne improves the way millions of people experience the world.

Improve Guest Experience and Attract Younger Travelers

Available Technology Impacts Hotel Choice

As technology continually evolves, hotels must continually adapt. Televisions and air conditioning, once highly sought-after amenities, are now standard hotel fare. Combine that with the fact that most guests travel with their own entertainment through devices such as smartphones and tablets, as well as streaming services like Pandora and Netflix. How can hotels provide travelers with a personalized experience? Read on to learn about hotel automation technology trends that will shape the hospitality industry in Washington D.C. and beyond.

Provide Hotel Guests a Luxurious Home Away from Home Experience

Cytexone Control Solutions for Hotels Provide Smart Return

According to Visit Orlando, the city’s official tourism association, more than 62 million people visited Orlando in 2014. This statistic, a new record for the U.S. travel industry, solidifies Orlando’s position as the most visited destination in the nation. This milestone is a testament to Orlando’s leadership within the tourism and hospitality industry. With this kind of opportunity, hoteliers can capitalize on the market by investing in a hospitality automation system that promotes guest comfort, brand differentiation, and operational efficiency. Today, discerning guests expect a hotel stay that mirrors a home away from home experience. Guests increasingly want to take control of all aspects of their stay, from the check-in process and dining experience to spa appointments and in-room features.

Press Release: The William Vale Taps CytexOne to Fully Automate Marquee Smart Hotel

Boutique hotel selects smart hotel technology expert to deliver smart hotel automation, energy savings and convenience

The William Vale, a 21-story luxury hotel development rising in Brooklyn’s affluent Williamsburg neighborhood, today announced it has selected CytexOne, creators of intelligent, connected environments, to provide full-service smart hotel and building automation for its property located at 55 Wythe Avenue in Brooklyn, New York. As part of the agreement, CytexOne Hospitality, a full-service division dedicated to providing integrated platforms and infrastructure to hotels around the world, will deploy a technology automation and energy savings platform that will likely substantially reduce The William Vale’s annual energy costs.