3 Keys to a Successful Guest Management System

Make Your Hotel Stand Out with the Latest Technology Offerings

To run an efficient and profitable hotel, you need to be able to manage an interconnected ecosystem that includes booking and reservations, housekeeping, concierge services, guest amenities, function rooms, conferences, in-room technology, spas, and more. With occupancy rates at a record high in Los Angeles, hoteliers are looking for the best way to provide an exceptional guest experience and manage all these moving parts to enhance operational efficiency.

CytexOne Helps Las Vegas Property Managers Reduce Energy Costs

Transform Your Multi-Dwelling Facility with Commercial Energy Management Solutions

Whether you are the property owner or the manager of a multi-dwelling building, energy efficiency should be a key element of your business plan. Commercial energy management strategies are an excellent way to reduce your operating costs, enhancing your property’s value, and become part of a more energy efficient future. Studies have shown that for every one dollar invested in energy efficiency you can add as much as $10 to your building’s value. When property owners, managers, condo associations, and residents work together, buildings become more comfortable and affordable. Apartment and condo buildings present unique opportunities for CytexOne to showcase the benefits of connected technologies. Read on to learn more about the benefits of energy management.

Stay a Step Ahead with Remote Monitoring Solutions

CytexOne Troubleshoots Issues Before Human Detection

Unscheduled downtime of hospitality automation systems can drastically affect your Greenwich, CT hotel’s bottom line. Studies estimate that of the total time spent fixing a system issue, 76 percent of the time is spent before the fixing even begins.

  • 8% of the time is spent figuring out if there is a real problem
  • Another 20% of the time is spent diagnosing the problem
  • And 47% is finding the resources to fix the problem