Is Your Industrial Facility Performing at Its Best?

CytexOne Offers Commercial Energy Management Solutions for the Northeast Region of the U.S.

Whether you manage a factory in Wilmington, DE or a commercial building in New Jersey, CytexOne offers expertise, technology, and innovative solutions that impact energy management and increase operational efficiency. We understand that gaining control of a facility’s energy consumption is an essential part of your job that goes hand-in-hand with a building’s automation system. Read on to learn more about an integrated building management system that supports your sustainability strategy.

Take Advantage of the Shifts in Hotel Lighting Control and Design

CytexOne Helps Hoteliers See and Experience Light

Each hotelier strives to differentiate his or her property from the competition and in turn cater to the needs of their guests—from those who come to rest and relax in their rooms to guests that use the space to socialize, do business, and play. Hotel lighting control and design trends not only transform the guest experience but can also impact the bottom line.

Hotel Automation Solutions Set Brooklyn Hotel Apart

Let CytexOne Can Do the Same for Your Boston Property

When The William Vale hotel opens later this year it will set a new standard with its world-class hospitality, breathtaking views, elevated public green space, and state-of-the-art hotel automation solutions. With more than 14 years of experience creating automated environments with lighting, security, energy, audio, video, the Internet and wireless technologies, CytexOne improves the way millions of people experience the world.

3 Trends Impacting the Hotel Industry

Lighting Control May Present Largest Financial Incentive

According to the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) hotels in the United States comprise more than five billion square feet of space and spend more than $7.5 billion on energy each year. This equates to an average spend of nearly $2,200 per available room each year on energy. Given these statistics, there are significant opportunities within the hotel industry to not only reduce energy consumption and thus its impact on the environment, but there is also a large and powerful financial incentive as well. When hoteliers consider any changes, it is important that those changes result in a healthy, productive and comfortable environment for guests. Thus, trends related to hotel lighting—responsible for a significant amount of energy usage—are the perfect place for Greenwich, Connecticut hoteliers to investigate further when considering changes that might impact both their guests and their bottom line.

Press Release: The William Vale Taps CytexOne to Fully Automate Marquee Smart Hotel

Boutique hotel selects smart hotel technology expert to deliver smart hotel automation, energy savings and convenience

The William Vale, a 21-story luxury hotel development rising in Brooklyn’s affluent Williamsburg neighborhood, today announced it has selected CytexOne, creators of intelligent, connected environments, to provide full-service smart hotel and building automation for its property located at 55 Wythe Avenue in Brooklyn, New York. As part of the agreement, CytexOne Hospitality, a full-service division dedicated to providing integrated platforms and infrastructure to hotels around the world, will deploy a technology automation and energy savings platform that will likely substantially reduce The William Vale’s annual energy costs.

Illuminating Ideas

When the lights fixtures in your home are placed under the command of a home control system, you’ll realize benefits that you may have never imagined. The most recognized advantage of controllable lights is the ability to dim and brighten groups of them with a touch of a button. Instead of hitting a slew of individual switches peppered around the house to turn off the lights before bedtime, for instance, you can simply tap a button on your iPad or on a keypad near the master bedroom nightstand to sweep through the entire house with an Off command. This feature in and of itself is enough reason to invest in lighting control, but you don’t sell yourself short. When set up appropriately, a lighting control system can also help protect your home and family, add visual interest to the décor and architecture, curb energy use and even help other systems in your home perform better.

As an element of home security, a lighting control system can illuminate a pathway from the bedrooms to the front door in the event an emergency. Motion sensors in hallways can trigger on the lights for a safe travels in the middle of the night to bathrooms and the kitchen for a midnight snack. The same fixtures can also enhance the appearance of your home by showcasing your home’s artwork and architecture and dimming to a level that visually more appealing than full bright. And while the lights themselves look better, so will the switches on the walls. What used to require a huge bank of individual switches to control the lights can be consolidated into a single, elegantly designed keypad. As for energy savings, simply dimming the lights in your house by 10 percent can equate to a huge electricity savings. A lighting control system can ensure that your lights are operating as efficiently as possible by keeping them at dim but functional levels, activating and deactivating certain lights automatically based on the time of day, the availability of natural sunlight and motion within a room. Lastly, a lighting control system can enhance the performance of other electronic components in your house, most notably the video displays. When the lights are dim, the images on a screen will look clearer, crisper and more impactful. It’s so important to the experience, that lighting control is considered an essential element of any home theater or media space.

When working with a home systems integrator, be sure to utilize lighting control to its fullest potential. No other electronic device in your home can offer so much: convenience, improved aesthetics, security, energy savings, efficiency and enhanced performance.