What is the Best Technology to Enhance Your Hotel Operations?

CyteOne’s Dan Levine Speaks with Spectrum about the Future of the Industry

As part of Spectrum Enterprise’s Hospitality Expert Insight Series, CytexOne CEO Dan Levine talked about the technology aspects of the hospitality industry that should be a priority for hoteliers this year. Levine joins other experts in discussing the rise of the Internet of Things, hotel automation, and even robotics. His interview is divided into two different videos, one focused on IoT (above) and another focused on the guest experience which you can find further down. In this blog, we highlight some of the main topics discussed.

Smart Homes. Smart People.

A trusted old saying,“Home is where the hearth is,” these days is taking on new meaning, as the family fireplace could very well be integrated with a remote control and tied to a thermostat using your in-home’s wireless network. Making it both warm and smart.

With the rise of connected technologies and the Internet of Things (IoT), homeowners, be it in apartments or large luxury residential spreads, are now investing in effective, convenient, and forward thinking technologies into their own homes. From automated lighting and controlled temperature, to smart locks, cameras and enhanced security systems, these technologies not only create simplicity and convenience, but also can cut household costs dramatically with energy savings.

But, the advantages go far beyond eye candy. One of biggest benefits of having a smart home pays off in the long run. Having an integrated system within a home adds tremendous value to its market worth.