Why Now Is the Time to Enhance Your Orlando Business with Commercial Energy Management Solutions

New Ordinance Aims to Make City among the Cleanest in U.S.
This winter, the city of Orlando, FL took a big stride in becoming one of the most energy efficient in the country by passing the Building Energy and Water Efficiency Strategy (BEWES). The legislation aims to save citizens money while conserving natural resources and enhancing the economy to boot. If you’re a local business owner, now’s the time to jump on board the commercial energy management bandwagon by investing in practical solutions that will improve your business and increase your efficiency. Find out how after the jump.

Enhance Guest Comfort and Create a Distinct Experience

CytexOne Hospitality Solutions Make Hotels Smarter and More Eco-Friendly

The sharing economy has transformed the way we move around a city, accomplish household chores, and where we stay when we’re away from home, thanks to services like Uber, TaskRabbit, and Airbnb. Since its founding in 2008, Airbnb has severed over 30 million guests and its valuation, while privately held, exceeds that of hotel chains like Hyatt. According to HVS Consulting & Valuation, hotels lose an estimated $450 million in direct revenue each year to Airbnb. Hotel chains are taking notice and investing significant resources in order to deliver a consistent experience, something Airbnb can’t quite promise. Upgrading technology, in particular hotel shading control, will transform the way guests see your New York City property. Read on to learn more about CytexOne’s recommendations for creating a distinctive guest experience.

CytexOne Helps Las Vegas Property Managers Reduce Energy Costs

Transform Your Multi-Dwelling Facility with Commercial Energy Management Solutions

Whether you are the property owner or the manager of a multi-dwelling building, energy efficiency should be a key element of your business plan. Commercial energy management strategies are an excellent way to reduce your operating costs, enhancing your property’s value, and become part of a more energy efficient future. Studies have shown that for every one dollar invested in energy efficiency you can add as much as $10 to your building’s value. When property owners, managers, condo associations, and residents work together, buildings become more comfortable and affordable. Apartment and condo buildings present unique opportunities for CytexOne to showcase the benefits of connected technologies. Read on to learn more about the benefits of energy management.

3 Ways Hospitality Automation Keeps Costs Under Control

Let CytexOne Help You Take Care of Business

The travel and tourism industry drives the economy in Las Vegas, Nevada with more than 41 million visitors annually and hotel occupancy rates of nearly 92 percent in March of this year. As the industry continues to grow year over year, there are a few factors that remain consistent; the need to have reliable staff that provides exceptional customer service and the importance of achieving the critical balance between guest comfort and operating margins—and maintaining such a balance long-term. With that premise in mind, CytexOne deploys both back- and front-of-house hospitality automation solutions that increase operational efficiency and help deliver a more consistent level of service to hotel guests. Here are three ways that integrated technology systems can aid hoteliers to keep costs in check.