Press Coverage: Barron’s – New TVs, New Advisors

by Glenn Kenny

The world of home entertainment technology is evolving at breakneck speed. In the same way flat-screen televisions made the tube television as quaint as a rotary phone virtually overnight, the once familiar plasma display panels are now on the way out.

They are being replaced by 4K display, which delivers 4,000 pixels of resolution, a huge leap over the current home high-definition format, which maxes out at 1,080 pixels. The 4K display televisions range in size from 39 to 85 inches and prices, accordingly, range from $500 to $40,000.

A Nice Rack

Having a smart house requires a lot of equipment. Thankfully, most of the processors and other black boxes manage the flow of content and commands throughout a home can be hidden from sight (Of course, there’s also the option of keeping the goods out in the open for all to admire). Regardless of whether you choose to conceal or reveal the gear, you’re going to want to stow each piece of gear in a sturdy, specially manufactured equipment rack.

Equipment racks are designed specifically for holding sensitive A/V gear and control equipment, making them a much better option that simply stuffing the equipment inside a cabinet or on shelves in a closet. First and foremost, the “open” design of an equipment rack ensures adequate ventilation to prevent the gear from overheating. It also enables your home systems installer (or you) to easy access the backs of the equipment to make cabling connections. Even if your rack pushed up against a wall or tucked into a cabinet, integrated rollers and sliders allow it to be pulled out for better equipment access. For extra cooling, most rack manufacturers offer optional cooling fans that can be installed within the rack

Another common feature found in electronics equipment racks is a “cable management system.” Made up of lacing bars and grids, it enables a home systems installer to keep the cabling neat and tidy. It not looks better, but because it’s well organized the cabling will be easier for a home systems installer to alter should modifications to your system be necessary.

Lastly, with the addition of decorative faceplates and LED lighting, equipment racks can actually be a thing of beauty. With nothing more than the face of the equipment visible, they frame your electronics investment in a modern, sleek design that’s looks fantastic, whether they’re built into a wall in a media room, tucked into a closet or stowed in a utility room.