California Law Requires Commercial Buildings Follow Strict Energy Guidelines

Commercial Lighting Control Can Aid in that Endeavor
For the last eight years, the City of San Francisco has focused its efforts on creating buildings that are healthy, sustainable places to live, work, play, and learn. The city’s Green Building Code requires that both commercial and residential buildings reduce energy and water use, divert waste from landfills, encourage alternate modes of transportation, and support the health and comfort of building occupants. The Code, which sets green building standards, applies to new construction as well as major renovations to existing buildings. Solutions, such as commercial lighting control, have shown to increase occupancy comfort and dramatically reduce energy consumption thereby cutting costs.

Lighting Control that Fits Your Business Needs

Outfit Your Commercial Property, From the Loading Dock to the Boardroom

Lighting design is a growing trend among commercial companies in New York City. Instead of sticking with a simple “on/off” approach to lighting, we can tailor the lights to fit each work function and space throughout your business property. This approach offers a variety of different advantages, from improving ambiance in customer-facing areas to boosting worker productivity. Keep reading to learn how CytexOne can design a commercial lighting control system that effortlessly ensures each area of your business has the perfect lighting levels.

The City of Los Angeles Provides Green Incentives to Local Businesses

CytexOne is a Trusted Commercial Energy Management Partner

The City of Los Angeles, a hub of innovation, is home to more creative minds than any other locale. It not only has a long history with film, TV, music and literature but is also at the cutting edge of clean technology, transportation, and trade. City and elected officials are also focused on helping businesses implement commercial energy management strategies, striving to become the cleanest, greenest city in the United States. That being said the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) offers various incentives to businesses to reduce their carbon footprint. Read on to learn how CytexOne can be your green partner.