Steps to Implement a Successful Energy Management System

Cytexone Helps Miami, Florida Organizations Improve Energy Efficiency

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, the industrial and commercial sectors account for nearly 60 percent of global energy use. By effectively implementing a commercial energy management system, organizations in these sectors can reduce their energy use 10-40 percent. Energy management requires specific expertise and a particular skill set. Whether the team is internal or a consultant, access to the skills of seasoned professionals will result in higher energy savings. Read on to learn more about pairing experienced energy management professionals with a comprehensive, actionable plan.

3 Ways Hospitality Automation Keeps Costs Under Control

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The travel and tourism industry drives the economy in Las Vegas, Nevada with more than 41 million visitors annually and hotel occupancy rates of nearly 92 percent in March of this year. As the industry continues to grow year over year, there are a few factors that remain consistent; the need to have reliable staff that provides exceptional customer service and the importance of achieving the critical balance between guest comfort and operating margins—and maintaining such a balance long-term. With that premise in mind, CytexOne deploys both back- and front-of-house hospitality automation solutions that increase operational efficiency and help deliver a more consistent level of service to hotel guests. Here are three ways that integrated technology systems can aid hoteliers to keep costs in check.

The IoT Impact on RevPAR

The hospitality market is as competitive as ever, as a stronger economy means that heady consumers and business travelers are looking for the greatest experience at hotels and resorts. These guests want excitement and customized amenities driven by reliable technology to go along with a comfortable bed to sleep in at night.

From the business perspective of hotel operations and financial management, KPIs and performance measurement mean everything. The concept of RevPAR, is top-of-mind. RevPAR is the key performance metric in the hotel industry calculated by dividing a hotel’s total guestroom revenue by the room count and the number of days in the period being measured. It all comes down to optimizing all the space invested in to the benefit of happy guests who continue to spend and generate revenues.

CytexOne IoT Transforms an Office Building

A well-known business services provider found much to be desired in their previous office space. It was not unusual to spend the first 20 minutes of a meeting getting all of the audiovisual equipment working. Sometimes screens wouldn’t turn on or devices couldn’t connect. Employees complained about being blinded by the sun or not getting enough light. It was often difficult to get a wireless connection in the office. Electric bills were high but management had no idea how the power was being used.

As the company prepared to move its 300-person staff into a new three-story, 60,000 square foot space in midtown Manhattan, management looked to address these problems and generally improve the productivity and comfort of its employees and visitors. The conference rooms were a top priority because customers and prospects frequently visit the company’s offices for meetings and presentations that have major impact on revenue generation.

“The Internet of Things [IoT] is like the Wild West right now with many different products providing point solutions,” said Dan Levine, Chief Executive Officer of CytexOne, a solution and integration provider that specializes in IoT applications in commercial buildings. “The challenge in this case was to put together an integrated solution using equipment from multiple vendors that functions together smoothly and addresses all of the client’s needs at a reasonable price point.”

CytexOne CEO Report – Commercial Buildings Meet the IoT

Commercial buildings, from large skyscrapers to residential multi-dwelling units, present an important opportunity for the emerging collection of technologies and automation known as the Internet of Things (IoT).

There has been much in the news about the healthy forecasts for the IoT overall. Smart building researcher Memoori has projected the IoT market for commercial buildings to grow 25 percent annually from $22.93 billion in 2014 to more than $85 billion in 2020.

Is Your Industrial Facility Performing at Its Best?

CytexOne Offers Commercial Energy Management Solutions for the Northeast Region of the U.S.

Whether you manage a factory in Wilmington, DE or a commercial building in New Jersey, CytexOne offers expertise, technology, and innovative solutions that impact energy management and increase operational efficiency. We understand that gaining control of a facility’s energy consumption is an essential part of your job that goes hand-in-hand with a building’s automation system. Read on to learn more about an integrated building management system that supports your sustainability strategy.

Commercial Automation Solutions Set MDUs Apart

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At the gathering of the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce’s South Florida Real Estate Summit, Miami Commissioner Francis Suarez told attendees that last year saw the highest volume ever for the city’s building department, with 174 permits issued and $2.4 billion in ongoing construction. Experts at the summit stressed that the market is not headed for a downturn, even though growth has slowed.

CytexOne Featured in Control4 Hospitality Press Release

NEW ORLEANS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Control4 Corporation (NASDAQ: CTRL), a leading global provider of automation solutions, today introduced the new Control4® Hospitality Solution. Offering today’s hotels powerful in-room automation functionality, along with sophisticated back-end management software, hotel staff are provided extensive guest room status updates, whether that is a need for new batteries for a remote control or a mini-bar requires a restock. With Control4, smart hotels can deliver an elegant, unparalleled travel experience, greeting guests with automated lighting, shades, entertainment and climate control as soon as they enter their rooms. The Control4 Hospitality Solution maximizes operational efficiencies gained through hotel room automation throughout the property.

“From doors to drapes, Control4 provides a complete automation solution for the hospitality industry. By uniting systems that were once disparate, Control4 delivers operational efficiencies for hotels and a personalized, five-star stay for their guests,” said Eric Anderson, SVP Products.

Take Advantage of the Shifts in Hotel Lighting Control and Design

CytexOne Helps Hoteliers See and Experience Light

Each hotelier strives to differentiate his or her property from the competition and in turn cater to the needs of their guests—from those who come to rest and relax in their rooms to guests that use the space to socialize, do business, and play. Hotel lighting control and design trends not only transform the guest experience but can also impact the bottom line.