Take Advantage of the latest Hotel Trend: LED Lighting Control

CytexOne Transforms Miami Hotels with Cost-cutting Solutions

The first light-emitting diode was invented in 1962, but it took many years before the improved lighting technology hit mainstream use. Now, the global LED market has hit $4.8 billion, and it shows no sign of stopping such growth-rate in the future. The largest adoption of LEDs has been in commercial spaces such as office buildings and factories, but recently, hotels have begun to take advantage of the benefits of LED lighting. Is it time for your Florida hotel to embrace the energy efficiency and design versatility of hotel lighting control? Continue reading to find out.

Create a Hotel Escape, Much Like an Orlando Theme Park

CytexOne’s Immersive Technology Provides Enhanced Guest Experience

Whether your hotel offers picturesque lake views or the fun of surf and sand, a focus should be to provide a high-end guest experience while balancing energy efficiency with room comfort. Creating the thrill and excitement of Universal Studios or the endless adventures found at Epcot requires a hotel design that is customer centric, where service meets sustainability, and where comfort, quality, and luxury are never compromised. Hotel automation solutions from CytexOne allow you to do all this and provide you with real-time data to reduce labor costs, property maintenance, and operational expenses. Read on to learn how Orlando, FL hoteliers can transform their properties into theme park escapes.

Sustainable Oil Refinery Practices Start with Commercial Energy Management

The Philadelphia Oil Industry is Embracing Energy Management Technology

Refineries must hold themselves to a higher standard of social responsibility, taking measures to promote sustainability and mitigate damage to the environment. That commitment starts at the executive level and continues all the way through to each employee of the organization. While it’s easy to say that sustainability is important to your company, implementing such actions requires a bit more effort. Fortunately, CytexOne has developed proven, effective technology for increasing energy efficiency and reducing consumption within large commercial buildings and facilities. Keep reading to learn about the impact commercial energy management technology can have on your Pennsylvania refinery.

Commercial Energy Management Solutions Create Environmentally-friendly MDU Communities

CytexOne Enhances Post-modern Environments and Supercharges New Construction

Are you a property manager of a multi-tenant building? Do you want to reduce your operating expenses, increase the property’s value, and meet tenant demands for environmentally responsible housing options? While the obvious answer to the latter question is ‘yes,’ knowing how to accomplish all three initiatives can be a challenge.  The experts at CytexOne have the tools and resources to help implement commercial energy management solutions that save money and reduce your property’s carbon footprint. Read on to learn about the steps to make your multifamily community more energy efficient.

Offer Residents a Reliable Smartphone Signal with a Cellular Building Boost

CytexOne Offers Commercial Automation Solutions to New York City MDU Properties

The American population is heavily dependent on smartphones. From sending and receiving text messages and listening to music to accessing the internet and downloading apps, the average American spends a staggering 4.7 hours per day on their phones. That’s significant if you consider we’re typically awake for just over 15 hours a day. That being said, reliable internet service and cell phone signal coverage is a must of MDUs and large commercial facilities. Read on to learn about the various technology and commercial automation solutions offered by CytexOne.

Reinvent Your Las Vegas Hotel

CytexOne Provides Smart Tech Solutions that Equal Guest Satisfaction

Las Vegas hoteliers could learn a few lessons from the renowned magicians who perform at their hotels. From theatrics to great design and great lighting, magic shows utilize a bag of tricks in order to connect with the audience. In this edition of our blog, we highlight some of the ways you can make your hotel property standout on the Vegas strip. From hotel lighting control to social media, hoteliers need to provide new and interesting perks to travelers. Read on to learn about our favorite hotel amenities that don’t require any sleight of hand. And don’t worry; we won’t ruin the illusion of magic by sharing all the secrets.

The City of Los Angeles Provides Green Incentives to Local Businesses

CytexOne is a Trusted Commercial Energy Management Partner

The City of Los Angeles, a hub of innovation, is home to more creative minds than any other locale. It not only has a long history with film, TV, music and literature but is also at the cutting edge of clean technology, transportation, and trade. City and elected officials are also focused on helping businesses implement commercial energy management strategies, striving to become the cleanest, greenest city in the United States. That being said the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) offers various incentives to businesses to reduce their carbon footprint. Read on to learn how CytexOne can be your green partner.

Are Your Hotels Keeping Up with the Competition?

Hotel Automation is the Key to Successful Business Growth

The hospitality industry is a race to the top, with each hotel chain seeking to grow their business faster and more efficiently than their competitors. A sparkling pool surrounded by palm trees and spacious guestrooms with ocean views aren’t enough to set your Miami, Florida hotel apart from the competition. Hoteliers should instead focus their attention on innovation, lest you be overtaken by the competition. So here’s the question: How are you guiding your hotels toward innovation? For hotel chains in the South Florida area, the answer lies in hotel automation.

CytexOne Launches Smart Manufacturing Practice

NEW YORK–CytexOne today announced its smart manufacturing practice targeted to commercial industrial environments, helping smooth the path to intelligence, automation and increased profitability utilizing digital technology. CytexOne’s industrial offering is available nationwide and provides services, product integration and customized applications addressing “smart factories” – from industrial floors, to agricultural settings.

CytexOne specializes in expert integration for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technology, M2M communications, including continuous monitoring, and customized, integrated data analytics. With the advent of Industry 4.0 initiatives for the industrial market, manufacturers must plan for wide-scale technology transformation. CytexOne customizes connected products and data analytics as part of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) implementation and automates common processes. CytexOne reports in real time, the state of the business. By creating customized single integrated systems for industrial settings, CytexOne boosts worker productivity, preserves data integrity, reduces waste, and enhances plant safety. CytexOne provides efficiency and accuracy through the customized deployment of IIOT solutions.

The IIoT Integrators Are Coming

Industrial control system integrators that don’t embrace the Internet of Things will have to share the plant floor with some new competition.

It’s always interesting to hear the predictions of how many Internet of Things devices will infiltrate our environment in the future. Gartner has projected that there will be 21 billion “things” connected by 2020. And while many applications will be in the specialized vertical space—connecting medical equipment in healthcare or tracking products in container ships, for example—the majority will be consumer-oriented endpoints and cross-industry generic devices that include building management systems, HVAC and lighting.