California Law Requires Commercial Buildings Follow Strict Energy Guidelines

Commercial Lighting Control Can Aid in that Endeavor
For the last eight years, the City of San Francisco has focused its efforts on creating buildings that are healthy, sustainable places to live, work, play, and learn. The city’s Green Building Code requires that both commercial and residential buildings reduce energy and water use, divert waste from landfills, encourage alternate modes of transportation, and support the health and comfort of building occupants. The Code, which sets green building standards, applies to new construction as well as major renovations to existing buildings. Solutions, such as commercial lighting control, have shown to increase occupancy comfort and dramatically reduce energy consumption thereby cutting costs.

Building Automation Systems Lower Energy and Maintenance Costs

CytexOne Offers Intelligent Solutions for an Array of Industries

Historically the control systems of most buildings operate as standalone entities, meaning such functions as HVAC, security, and lighting are controlled separately. However, this trend is giving way to a more cohesive environment. Building managers are opting for more integrated approaches to commercial automation as a means to save on energy and maintenance costs. Whether you’re undertaking new building construction or a retrofit project in Wilmington, DE, there is an opportunity to automate the space, providing managers the ability to operate multiple systems through a single user interface.

Achieve True Luxury with Technology that Works for You and Your Guests

CytexOne Offers Lighting Control Options to Meet Varying Hotel Needs

According to the Energy Star program, much of the energy consumed by buildings is used inefficiently or unnecessarily, and that number is around 30 percent. This nugget of information represents an opportunity for hoteliers to examine their properties and in particular, the lighting systems which typically account for a large portion of their energy usage. Hotel lighting control, while often one of the least appreciated ways to reduce energy use, also improves light quality, occupancy comfort, and security.

Differentiate Your Property in a Competitive Market

CytexOne Offers Commercial Automation Solutions for Multi-Dwelling Units

According to the National Association of REALTORS® the number of Millennial home buyers will increase, but slowly due to the amount of student loan debt they have accumulated. This crippling debt affects their ability to purchase a home, meaning more Millennials will choose to rent. Equipped with this knowledge, what can multi-dwelling property managers due to attract more Millennial renters? Beyond offering residents a great location, instant curb appeal, and amenities like tennis courts, swimming pools, and a 24-hour gym, there are a number of commercial automation solutions that will set your Las Vegas, NV multi-dwelling unit apart in an otherwise competitive market.

Lighting Control that Fits Your Business Needs

Outfit Your Commercial Property, From the Loading Dock to the Boardroom

Lighting design is a growing trend among commercial companies in New York City. Instead of sticking with a simple “on/off” approach to lighting, we can tailor the lights to fit each work function and space throughout your business property. This approach offers a variety of different advantages, from improving ambiance in customer-facing areas to boosting worker productivity. Keep reading to learn how CytexOne can design a commercial lighting control system that effortlessly ensures each area of your business has the perfect lighting levels.

Take Advantage of 4K Ultra HD Displays in Your Business

CytexOne Offers Full Commercial Automation Solutions for San Francisco

Among the most popular advancements in custom AV technology in recent years has been that 4K UHD has finally become cost effective. While it’s making its way into homes across the country via TVs and media players, the commercial sector has shown an even more rapid adoption rate. And it’s not just in movie theaters, either – office buildings, hotels and restaurants are all upgrading to the new visual standard. In this blog, CytexOne explains the importance of 4K UHD and how you can take full advantage of it as part of a commercial automation solution in your San Francisco business.

How Do You Protect Your Smart Network?

CytexOne Offers Tips on Securing the Smart Technology in Your Las Vegas Business

This year, the weekend before Halloween was one of the scariest ever faced by the smart technology industry, and not for the reason you may think. Instead of ghosts and goblins popping out of dark corners, a very real threat jumped out at us – the entire internet nearly crashed thanks to a DDoS attack. While searching for answers, the Internet of Things came under sharp scrutiny. Now, as experts start to understand what happened and begin to realize the fault doesn’t lie with smart technology, many business owners are left with questions about how to protect their infrastructure against malicious attacks. In this blog, CytexOne offers some smart tips on keeping your commercial network safe.

Take Advantage of the latest Hotel Trend: LED Lighting Control

CytexOne Transforms Miami Hotels with Cost-cutting Solutions

The first light-emitting diode was invented in 1962, but it took many years before the improved lighting technology hit mainstream use. Now, the global LED market has hit $4.8 billion, and it shows no sign of stopping such growth-rate in the future. The largest adoption of LEDs has been in commercial spaces such as office buildings and factories, but recently, hotels have begun to take advantage of the benefits of LED lighting. Is it time for your Florida hotel to embrace the energy efficiency and design versatility of hotel lighting control? Continue reading to find out.

Create a Hotel Escape, Much Like an Orlando Theme Park

CytexOne’s Immersive Technology Provides Enhanced Guest Experience

Whether your hotel offers picturesque lake views or the fun of surf and sand, a focus should be to provide a high-end guest experience while balancing energy efficiency with room comfort. Creating the thrill and excitement of Universal Studios or the endless adventures found at Epcot requires a hotel design that is customer centric, where service meets sustainability, and where comfort, quality, and luxury are never compromised. Hotel automation solutions from CytexOne allow you to do all this and provide you with real-time data to reduce labor costs, property maintenance, and operational expenses. Read on to learn how Orlando, FL hoteliers can transform their properties into theme park escapes.

Sustainable Oil Refinery Practices Start with Commercial Energy Management

The Philadelphia Oil Industry is Embracing Energy Management Technology

Refineries must hold themselves to a higher standard of social responsibility, taking measures to promote sustainability and mitigate damage to the environment. That commitment starts at the executive level and continues all the way through to each employee of the organization. While it’s easy to say that sustainability is important to your company, implementing such actions requires a bit more effort. Fortunately, CytexOne has developed proven, effective technology for increasing energy efficiency and reducing consumption within large commercial buildings and facilities. Keep reading to learn about the impact commercial energy management technology can have on your Pennsylvania refinery.