3 Keys to a Successful Guest Management System

Make Your Hotel Stand Out with the Latest Technology Offerings

To run an efficient and profitable hotel, you need to be able to manage an interconnected ecosystem that includes booking and reservations, housekeeping, concierge services, guest amenities, function rooms, conferences, in-room technology, spas, and more. With occupancy rates at a record high in Los Angeles, hoteliers are looking for the best way to provide an exceptional guest experience and manage all these moving parts to enhance operational efficiency.

4 Ways to Optimize your Event Spaces with the Right Software

Management Tools Let You Oversee Booking and in-Room Technology

The events and meetings industry is one of the biggest drivers of the U.S. economy, contributing almost $280 billion in spending annually. Hotels are just one of the big players in the industry, competing with dedicated venues like conference halls, tourism spots repurposed as meeting spaces, and even video conferencing technology. The competition is particularly stiff in the large metropolitan areas like New York City or convention hubs like Orlando.

Stay Competitive in the San Francisco Market with Hotel Automation

Smart Monitoring Solutions Enhance Efficiency and Guest Satisfaction

San Francisco is one of the most cut-throat markets in the hospitality industry. With high property costs, strict building codes and competition from home sharing sights like Airbnb, hotels are struggling to keep a stronghold in one of the most popular destinations in the United States.

Keep Guests Satisfied Despite Rising Santa Barbara Hotel Rates

Create a Custom Guest Experience with Smart Hotel Technology
The battle over the coastal real estate in California remains stronger than ever and rising property values are causing hotel prices in the area to increase as well. Santa Barbara hotels are among the most expensive in the state with an average cost of $248.84 per night. The prices haven’t done much to deter guests, with occupancy rates at a record 77 percent according to a recent UCLA report. The challenge is making sure you give your guests a unique experience that reflects the money they’ve paid.

Elevate Your Living Experience with a Custom Smart Home Solution

Choose the Ideal Technology System for Your Miami Residence
Smart technology has skyrocketed in popularity in recent years expanding the reach of products and services available to homeowners. Knowing there are so many options available, why would anyone settle for a one-size-fits-all solution? If you’re looking to invest in smart home automation, you should demand a system that is custom-designed with your priorities and preferences in mind. No two homes or families are exactly alike, and technology should reflect that. CytexOne’s luxury residential solutions let you customize your system down to the style, brands and control options you prefer.

5 Las Vegas Hotel Technology Must-Haves

CytexOne Installs One-of-a-kind Tech for Unique Travel Experiences

Tech-savvy travelers and trade shows like CES are transforming the hotel landscape, sometimes literally. Industry experts agree that hotels are one of the areas ripest for innovation due to the long life of their property assets. Trends like voice recognition and artificial intelligence are drastically improving the consumer experience. We’ve put together a down and dirty list of Las Vegas hotel technology must-haves that will keep your guests digitally satisfied in Sin City.

Enhance Your Los Angeles Startup with Video-Conferencing Technology

Conference Room Automation Helps You Connect With Silicon Valley Partners

According to a report by the Economic Innovation Group, the Los Angeles-Orange County region now leads the country in business startups. The area offers its own version of Silicon Valley, called Silicon Beach, at a much lower price than the Bay Area. A story by the Economist reports that entrepreneurs would have to raise around 40 percent more to run their business out of San Francisco.

Cyberattacks Target POS and Smart Hotel Technology

From Los Angeles to New York City and Around the Globe, Hotels are Vulnerable

Earlier this year Romantik Seehotel Jaegerwirt, a 4-star hotel in the Austrian Alps, was the victim of a cyberattack resulting in the complete shutdown of the hotel’s computers. This attack was the third time the 111-year-old hotel had been targeted. The hackers breached the keycard system, making it impossible for guests to enter their rooms and preventing the front desk from reprogramming cards. Over the last two years, every major hotel company has been breached via their point of sale systems with the goal of obtaining personal information. The Romantik Seehotel Jaegerwirt attack is the first of its kind where hackers threatened the safety of guests.

Why Now Is the Time to Enhance Your Orlando Business with Commercial Energy Management Solutions

New Ordinance Aims to Make City among the Cleanest in U.S.
This winter, the city of Orlando, FL took a big stride in becoming one of the most energy efficient in the country by passing the Building Energy and Water Efficiency Strategy (BEWES). The legislation aims to save citizens money while conserving natural resources and enhancing the economy to boot. If you’re a local business owner, now’s the time to jump on board the commercial energy management bandwagon by investing in practical solutions that will improve your business and increase your efficiency. Find out how after the jump.

Transform Any Las Vegas Building with Commercial Lighting Control

CytexOne Automation Solutions Reduce Energy and Increase Comfort

From small retail spaces and shopping centers to industrial and office spaces, Las Vegas, Nevada has seen an upswing in commercial property leases throughout 2016. Many experts predict the same trend will continue into 2017. Hundreds of more occupied commercial buildings throughout the city equals greater utility use and the opportunity to manage energy more efficiently through commercial automation solutions like lighting control. Read on to learn more about transforming any commercial space using CytexOne technologies.