Press Release: The William Vale Taps CytexOne to Fully Automate Marquee Smart Hotel

Boutique hotel selects smart hotel technology expert to deliver smart hotel automation, energy savings and convenience

The William Vale, a 21-story luxury hotel development rising in Brooklyn’s affluent Williamsburg neighborhood, today announced it has selected CytexOne, creators of intelligent, connected environments, to provide full-service smart hotel and building automation for its property located at 55 Wythe Avenue in Brooklyn, New York. As part of the agreement, CytexOne Hospitality, a full-service division dedicated to providing integrated platforms and infrastructure to hotels around the world, will deploy a technology automation and energy savings platform that will likely substantially reduce The William Vale’s annual energy costs.

IT Best of Breed: Hospitality Sector ‘The Perfect IoT Environment’ according to CytexOne

By Mark Haranas, editor CRN and Best of Breed (BOB) editor

Internet of Things specialist CytexOne is diving head first into the hospitality industry by forming its own CytexOne Hospitality full-service division to capitalize on opportunities emerging in the IoT market.

CytexOne, which been working in IoT for over a decade, says the new division provides integrated platforms and infrastructure to hotels around the globe while delivering “high-performance” IoT solutions for hospitality organizations, according to CEO Dan Levine.

IoT Evolution: The IoT Comes to Hospitality with First Smart Hotels

Written by Ken Briodagh

The Connected Home is becoming a thing of the present, and, thanks to a new project from CytexOne, so is the Connected Home-away-from-home.

CytexOne is a developer of intelligent, connected environments, and it has launched a new initiative called CytexOne Hospitality, which is said to be the first and only company dedicated to creating and managing smart hotel environments. The goal is to deploy IoT solutions for hospitality businesses that will improve staff productivity, guest comfort and building energy efficiency and security while maintaining a connected environment.

Network World: How the hospitality industry is embracing the Internet of Things

How the hospitality industry is embracing the Internet of Things

There’s no question that the Internet of Things can make an enterprise more efficient. The harmonizing of sensors, devices, and data harmonized into one system gives rise to context-aware computation and enables the environment to respond instantly to change, be it in temperature, light, movement or other factors. This not only brings numerous new opportunities, but also significant cost savings, music to the ears of today’s business leaders.

Welcome to CytexOne Hospitality, the World’s First Smart Hotel Business

We are pleased to announce the formation of CytexOne Hospitality LLC, the first and only company dedicated to creating and managing smart hotel environments. And we had a few very kind words from 451 Research’s Brian Partridge:

“Given its years of experience, CytexOne is a great example of a company on the pioneering side of the IoT curve. While IoT will have a role to play in several industries, we anticipate demand will be particularly strong in the hospitality segment. Resorts and hotels can use IoT systems to enhance guest experiences while also reducing their overall energy costs which is a recipe for compelling ROI.”

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We’re Talking Smart Hotels at This Week’s IoT Summit!

This week we are teaming up with Control 4 to tackle a very hot topic: designing and delivering Internet of Things technologies for Smart Hotels and Hospitality organizations. Our panel, “IoT that Sizzles: The Hospitality Industry’s Three-in-One Value Proposition,”will explore IoT opportunities in hospitality, in-app commerce-driven apps and sensor and device-driven productivity services. The panel will also explore real-world energy efficiency and managed security IoT deployments at premier hotels and resorts.

Press Coverage: Barron’s – New TVs, New Advisors

by Glenn Kenny

The world of home entertainment technology is evolving at breakneck speed. In the same way flat-screen televisions made the tube television as quaint as a rotary phone virtually overnight, the once familiar plasma display panels are now on the way out.

They are being replaced by 4K display, which delivers 4,000 pixels of resolution, a huge leap over the current home high-definition format, which maxes out at 1,080 pixels. The 4K display televisions range in size from 39 to 85 inches and prices, accordingly, range from $500 to $40,000.

Bed Bugs of the Internet

Am I really vulnerable?

Why risk the well-being of your home and business when you can take simple precautions to ensure that they are safe and secure? For the sake of this discussion, we don’t mean having an alarm system installed or contracting with a central monitoring station. The risk we’re referring to is more virtual in nature, something you can’t see, hear or touch, and unfortunately, you won’t even notice it until the damage has been done.

Child’s Play

A bright, colorful touchscreen is tough for any kid to ignore. And although they are meant to be touched, those eye-catching buttons can cause real havoc around the house when poked by the curious fingers of a 5-year-old. Unbeknownst to you, that little rascal has reset the thermostats and disarmed the security system. Given the amazing technical aptitude of most kids, he may have even discovered how to get at the R-rated movies you keep on your own DVR.