Network World: How the hospitality industry is embracing the Internet of Things

How the hospitality industry is embracing the Internet of Things

There’s no question that the Internet of Things can make an enterprise more efficient. The harmonizing of sensors, devices, and data harmonized into one system gives rise to context-aware computation and enables the environment to respond instantly to change, be it in temperature, light, movement or other factors. This not only brings numerous new opportunities, but also significant cost savings, music to the ears of today’s business leaders.

Welcome to CytexOne Hospitality, the World’s First Smart Hotel Business

We are pleased to announce the formation of CytexOne Hospitality LLC, the first and only company dedicated to creating and managing smart hotel environments. And we had a few very kind words from 451 Research’s Brian Partridge:

“Given its years of experience, CytexOne is a great example of a company on the pioneering side of the IoT curve. While IoT will have a role to play in several industries, we anticipate demand will be particularly strong in the hospitality segment. Resorts and hotels can use IoT systems to enhance guest experiences while also reducing their overall energy costs which is a recipe for compelling ROI.”

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