CytexOne Leverages Control4 Solutions To Bring The Benefits Of IoT And Smart Home Technologies To Hotels And Smart Buildings

The smart buildings market featuring the Internet of Things (IoT) is predicted to reach $181B in 2020, * driven by installations of automated lighting, fire detection, physical security, and HVAC systems.

The smart buildings market featuring the Internet of Things (IoT) is predicted to reach $181B in 2020, * driven by installations of automated lighting, fire detection, physical security, and HVAC systems. To make the vision a reality, CytexOne, creators of intelligent, connected environments is partnering with Control4 Corporation (NASDAQ:CTRL), a leading global provider of smart home solutions, to deliver smart hotels and smart buildings of the future in the New York Region.

CytexOne Hospitality takes a best of breed approach for custom installations, only selecting the most comprehensive, reliable and versatile products required for use in hotels, which see heavy occupancy rates. Control4 smart home and hospitality solutions enable facility staff to wirelessly control and automate lighting, entertainment systems, security, surveillance, and climate control systems in buildings. These solutions offer occupants and guests a personalized and easy to operate atmosphere while also offering improved energy efficiency and management, increased staff efficiencies and proactive monitoring of systems.

CytexOne Technology, LLC to Present at New York City Real Estate Expo

CytexOne CEO Dan Levine to educate attendees on the use of IoT for Energy Efficiency in Commercial Buildings 

Nov. 10, 2015 – New York City, NY — CytexOne Technology, LLC will be delivering a presentation on the use of the Internet of Things (IoT) for energy efficiency in commercial buildings. Dan Levine, co-Founder and CEO of CytexOne, will explain how the IoT underpins sustainable solutions for energy efficient commercial buildings, outlining how IoT and wireless serves as a platform that developers, building operations and occupants trust and rely on for energy savings and their comfort. Learn more about CytexOne commercial solutions. 

Game Changing Experiences Coming to Brooklyn’s William Vale Hotel

We are very proud to have recently had the opportunity to announce our newest customer, the William Vale Hotel Hotel. The William Vale is a progressive and highly unique hotel concept that is rising in up Brooklyn, along with the rest of the neighborhood’s renaissance.

CytexOne wants to be known for installing agile and adaptable technology solutions, and the William Vale Hotel fits this to a tee. We share a love of technology and commitment to showcasing a solid and exciting hospitality solution. Opening early 2016, the William Vale will be a full-service smart hotel will put a great emphasis both on guest comfort and automation for staff, resulting in automation and luxury.

Upcoming Speaking Panel: Clean & Green – IoT’s impact on smart buildings @THINGS Expo

Clean & Green: IoT’s Impact on Smart Buildings
When it comes to IoT in the enterprise, namely the commercial building and hospitality markets, a benefit not getting the attention it deserves is energy efficiency, and IoT’s direct impact on a cleaner, greener environment when installed in smart buildings. Until now clean technology was offered piecemeal and led with point solutions that require significant systems integration to orchestrate and deploy. There didn’t exist a ‘top down’ approach that can manage and monitor the way a Smart Building actually breathes – immediately flagging overheating in a closet or over cooling in unoccupied hotel rooms.

In his session at @ThingsExpo, Dan Levine, Co-Founder and CEO of CytexOne Technology, will explain how IoT can underpin sustainable solutions for energy efficient building environments and, in the years to come, how it will become a standard that tenants, occupants and Smart Building management can come to trust and rely on as a foundation of their green IT strategies. He will cite specific examples from premier hotels and large office complexes.