The IIoT Integrators Are Coming

Industrial control system integrators that don’t embrace the Internet of Things will have to share the plant floor with some new competition.

It’s always interesting to hear the predictions of how many Internet of Things devices will infiltrate our environment in the future. Gartner has projected that there will be 21 billion “things” connected by 2020. And while many applications will be in the specialized vertical space—connecting medical equipment in healthcare or tracking products in container ships, for example—the majority will be consumer-oriented endpoints and cross-industry generic devices that include building management systems, HVAC and lighting.

CytexOne IoT Transforms an Office Building

A well-known business services provider found much to be desired in their previous office space. It was not unusual to spend the first 20 minutes of a meeting getting all of the audiovisual equipment working. Sometimes screens wouldn’t turn on or devices couldn’t connect. Employees complained about being blinded by the sun or not getting enough light. It was often difficult to get a wireless connection in the office. Electric bills were high but management had no idea how the power was being used.

As the company prepared to move its 300-person staff into a new three-story, 60,000 square foot space in midtown Manhattan, management looked to address these problems and generally improve the productivity and comfort of its employees and visitors. The conference rooms were a top priority because customers and prospects frequently visit the company’s offices for meetings and presentations that have major impact on revenue generation.

“The Internet of Things [IoT] is like the Wild West right now with many different products providing point solutions,” said Dan Levine, Chief Executive Officer of CytexOne, a solution and integration provider that specializes in IoT applications in commercial buildings. “The challenge in this case was to put together an integrated solution using equipment from multiple vendors that functions together smoothly and addresses all of the client’s needs at a reasonable price point.”

Making the most of the IoT Revolution: Telkonet Inc.

“Companies’ ability to adapt and thrive in this new era of the Internet of Things is likely to determine who the next set of winners and laggards will be in the new connected age.” – Simona Jankowski, Goldman Sachs

Today, the explosion of data, driven by trends such as the “Internet of Things” presents enterprises with the challenge of managing and extracting critical intelligence from it. At the same time, continued understanding of the IoT and its evolution for commercial and consumer markets enables the very same enterprises to prioritize need with innovation and provide relevant solutions to its customers. With R&D and innovation as its USP, Telkonet Inc. has put this opportunity to the best use and has established itself as a leading IoT provider for commercial markets, since EcoSmart’s inception in 2011.

With an interesting journey that began with Telkonet functioning as a provider of products for networking over low voltage power line infrastructure, Telkonet expanded its operations quickly, and today, has offices spread across Milwaukee- WI, Waukesha- WI and Germantown- MD. In 2007, the company indulged in two major acquisitions and redefined its business strategies. The first acquisition was of EthoStream, a company that designed, installed and supported High-Speed Internet Access (HSIA) networks within the Hospitality market. The second acquisition was of a manufacturer of HVAC controls equipment located in Las Vegas, NV. This company, then named Smart Systems International (SSI), manufactured energy-saving HVAC controls for the Hospitality market. The technology acquired through this transaction became the root of Telkonet’s current EcoSmart platform, the second division within Telkonet today.

What is new with IoT in 2016?

We are less than 2 weeks into the New Year and a lot is brewing. At the CES show in Las Vegas, IoT products and tech concepts have been making a big splash.  IoT in 2016 is about smarter devices, more connectivity, and then the need to manage and control and operate all these ‘things’ with the least amount of tools and expense.

CytexOne Leverages Control4 Solutions To Bring The Benefits Of IoT And Smart Home Technologies To Hotels And Smart Buildings

The smart buildings market featuring the Internet of Things (IoT) is predicted to reach $181B in 2020, * driven by installations of automated lighting, fire detection, physical security, and HVAC systems.

The smart buildings market featuring the Internet of Things (IoT) is predicted to reach $181B in 2020, * driven by installations of automated lighting, fire detection, physical security, and HVAC systems. To make the vision a reality, CytexOne, creators of intelligent, connected environments is partnering with Control4 Corporation (NASDAQ:CTRL), a leading global provider of smart home solutions, to deliver smart hotels and smart buildings of the future in the New York Region.

CytexOne Hospitality takes a best of breed approach for custom installations, only selecting the most comprehensive, reliable and versatile products required for use in hotels, which see heavy occupancy rates. Control4 smart home and hospitality solutions enable facility staff to wirelessly control and automate lighting, entertainment systems, security, surveillance, and climate control systems in buildings. These solutions offer occupants and guests a personalized and easy to operate atmosphere while also offering improved energy efficiency and management, increased staff efficiencies and proactive monitoring of systems.

The Benefits of the Cloud for Smart Buildings

At CytexOne we are always looking for strategic ways to make things better. We use the cloud to help our customers when we build and maintain smart businesses, smart homes and smart hospitality solutions.

We install management and monitoring systems that we can securely and remotely access and adjust. If a device or service fails we can often see it in real-time, and quickly respond. When we get a call from a client, we quickly pull up our discovery and management tools to review the system connection, device operations and overall system health. The best part is that we do the work in the speediest way to get things running again.

How Best of Breed Works for You

Is your technology partner offering only a narrow range of single vendor and proprietary IoT products for your smart home, hotel or commercial building project?

This is a really big question. The fact is, many of the larger companies advertising robust smart technologies have plenty of financial incentive to do just that, because selling volume products from just one or two of the big vendors can result in much steeper discounts for them, keeping their costs and installation hours lower. Unfortunately, this age old practice of ‘big IT’ is usually at the expense of you, the customer!

Upcoming Speaking Panel: Clean & Green – IoT’s impact on smart buildings @THINGS Expo

Clean & Green: IoT’s Impact on Smart Buildings
When it comes to IoT in the enterprise, namely the commercial building and hospitality markets, a benefit not getting the attention it deserves is energy efficiency, and IoT’s direct impact on a cleaner, greener environment when installed in smart buildings. Until now clean technology was offered piecemeal and led with point solutions that require significant systems integration to orchestrate and deploy. There didn’t exist a ‘top down’ approach that can manage and monitor the way a Smart Building actually breathes – immediately flagging overheating in a closet or over cooling in unoccupied hotel rooms.

In his session at @ThingsExpo, Dan Levine, Co-Founder and CEO of CytexOne Technology, will explain how IoT can underpin sustainable solutions for energy efficient building environments and, in the years to come, how it will become a standard that tenants, occupants and Smart Building management can come to trust and rely on as a foundation of their green IT strategies. He will cite specific examples from premier hotels and large office complexes.

IT Best of Breed: Hospitality Sector ‘The Perfect IoT Environment’ according to CytexOne

By Mark Haranas, editor CRN and Best of Breed (BOB) editor

Internet of Things specialist CytexOne is diving head first into the hospitality industry by forming its own CytexOne Hospitality full-service division to capitalize on opportunities emerging in the IoT market.

CytexOne, which been working in IoT for over a decade, says the new division provides integrated platforms and infrastructure to hotels around the globe while delivering “high-performance” IoT solutions for hospitality organizations, according to CEO Dan Levine.