The IoT Impact on RevPAR

The hospitality market is as competitive as ever, as a stronger economy means that heady consumers and business travelers are looking for the greatest experience at hotels and resorts. These guests want excitement and customized amenities driven by reliable technology to go along with a comfortable bed to sleep in at night.

From the business perspective of hotel operations and financial management, KPIs and performance measurement mean everything. The concept of RevPAR, is top-of-mind. RevPAR is the key performance metric in the hotel industry calculated by dividing a hotel’s total guestroom revenue by the room count and the number of days in the period being measured. It all comes down to optimizing all the space invested in to the benefit of happy guests who continue to spend and generate revenues.

Making the most of the IoT Revolution: Telkonet Inc.

“Companies’ ability to adapt and thrive in this new era of the Internet of Things is likely to determine who the next set of winners and laggards will be in the new connected age.” – Simona Jankowski, Goldman Sachs

Today, the explosion of data, driven by trends such as the “Internet of Things” presents enterprises with the challenge of managing and extracting critical intelligence from it. At the same time, continued understanding of the IoT and its evolution for commercial and consumer markets enables the very same enterprises to prioritize need with innovation and provide relevant solutions to its customers. With R&D and innovation as its USP, Telkonet Inc. has put this opportunity to the best use and has established itself as a leading IoT provider for commercial markets, since EcoSmart’s inception in 2011.

With an interesting journey that began with Telkonet functioning as a provider of products for networking over low voltage power line infrastructure, Telkonet expanded its operations quickly, and today, has offices spread across Milwaukee- WI, Waukesha- WI and Germantown- MD. In 2007, the company indulged in two major acquisitions and redefined its business strategies. The first acquisition was of EthoStream, a company that designed, installed and supported High-Speed Internet Access (HSIA) networks within the Hospitality market. The second acquisition was of a manufacturer of HVAC controls equipment located in Las Vegas, NV. This company, then named Smart Systems International (SSI), manufactured energy-saving HVAC controls for the Hospitality market. The technology acquired through this transaction became the root of Telkonet’s current EcoSmart platform, the second division within Telkonet today.

Transform Operational Efficiency with Hotel Automation

CytexOne Solves Problems with Easy-to-Use Technology

Operations staff bear the burden of fulfilling the promises that a hotel’s marketing effort has made while enticing potential guests to book a room. Well-executed operational functions are a key determinant of whether a guest’s stay meets their expectations and whether they check out satisfied. As hoteliers know, acquiring new customers can be costly, but a satisfied hotel guest provides savings in terms of marketing budgets and in turn becomes a loyal customer and brand ambassador. As a hospitality manager or owner, we know you’re focused on exceeding customer expectations and maintaining a culture of service quality. What if you could provide your guests with uncompromising amenities and anticipate their needs?