Improve Guest Experience and Attract Younger Travelers

Available Technology Impacts Hotel Choice

As technology continually evolves, hotels must continually adapt. Televisions and air conditioning, once highly sought-after amenities, are now standard hotel fare. Combine that with the fact that most guests travel with their own entertainment through devices such as smartphones and tablets, as well as streaming services like Pandora and Netflix. How can hotels provide travelers with a personalized experience? Read on to learn about hotel automation technology trends that will shape the hospitality industry in Washington D.C. and beyond.

Does Your Sustainability Strategy Involve Commercial Energy Management?

Building Automation Coupled With Energy Management Solutions Achieve Greater Results

In 2013, the City of Boston enacted the Building Energy Reporting and Disclosure Ordinance (BERDO) requiring all large- and medium-sized buildings to report their annual energy and water use to the City. That information is then made publicly available. In an effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 25 percent, such energy reporting and disclosure is intended to encourage building owners to increase energy efficiency, reduce energy costs, and utilize incentives such as Renew Boston. Read on to learn how these incentives coupled with building automation and energy management solutions can achieve greater results.

3 Trends Impacting the Hotel Industry

Lighting Control May Present Largest Financial Incentive

According to the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) hotels in the United States comprise more than five billion square feet of space and spend more than $7.5 billion on energy each year. This equates to an average spend of nearly $2,200 per available room each year on energy. Given these statistics, there are significant opportunities within the hotel industry to not only reduce energy consumption and thus its impact on the environment, but there is also a large and powerful financial incentive as well. When hoteliers consider any changes, it is important that those changes result in a healthy, productive and comfortable environment for guests. Thus, trends related to hotel lighting—responsible for a significant amount of energy usage—are the perfect place for Greenwich, Connecticut hoteliers to investigate further when considering changes that might impact both their guests and their bottom line.

Hospitality Automation is Recommended Investment for 2016

Technology Solutions Paired with Cost Cutting Measures Drive Performance

According to data analysts at last month’s Hunter Hotel Conference, the U.S. hotel industry won’t face an economic downturn this year. While the pace of growth experienced in 2015 is slowing down, the numbers for 2016 should make hoteliers quite happy. Gains in consumer confidence will spur more travel, another positive sign for the industry. How might hospitality automation play into the mix?

Complement Your Next Meeting with Boardroom Automation

CytexOne Helps Los Angeles Businesses Get Connected

Nearly every aspect of business is impacted in some way by technology trends such as big data, cloud computing, and mobility. In fact, technology has become so embedded in the fabric of business and a critical component for competitive performance that it should not be left to the IT department alone. By 2020, 71 percent of employees expect to be working solely with cloud computing and 56 percent of CFOs say they would invest in video conferencing to reduce travel costs. How can boardroom automation complement the way you conduct a meeting? Read on to learn more about key trends that will change the face of conferences and client meetings.

How Can Your Los Angeles Restaurant Stand Out from the Pack?

CytexOne Helps Create Unique Dining Venues with Technology

Annually the National Restaurant Association predicts food and menu trends for the coming year using its What’s Hot culinary forecast. While we don’t claim to be connoisseurs when it comes to food, beverages, or culinary themes, we do know commercial automation and its powerful impact on the restaurant industry. The dining experience is about more than just the menu. Guests desire a certain atmosphere, which is reflected via the décor, temperature, music, and lighting throughout the space. And since the Internet’s eyes are everywhere, thanks to review sites like Yelp and Trip Advisor, many establishments have stepped up their game in order to stand out. What can you do to stand out from your foodie competitors? Read on to learn how automation is setting restaurants apart.

4 Guidelines to Assure Businesses Have a Well-rounded Commercial Energy Management Solution

CytexOne Helps New York City Building Owners Reduce Their Carbon Footprint

Commercial buildings consume approximately 20 percent of all energy in the United States. By implementing commercial energy management strategies, the American business sector can create jobs, save money, reduce its dependence on oil imports, and make the air cleaner. The Better Buildings Initiative proposes increased energy efficiency by 2020 through a series of incentives to upgrade offices, stores, schools and other municipal buildings, universities, hospitals, and other commercial spaces.

Provide Hotel Guests a Luxurious Home Away from Home Experience

Cytexone Control Solutions for Hotels Provide Smart Return

According to Visit Orlando, the city’s official tourism association, more than 62 million people visited Orlando in 2014. This statistic, a new record for the U.S. travel industry, solidifies Orlando’s position as the most visited destination in the nation. This milestone is a testament to Orlando’s leadership within the tourism and hospitality industry. With this kind of opportunity, hoteliers can capitalize on the market by investing in a hospitality automation system that promotes guest comfort, brand differentiation, and operational efficiency. Today, discerning guests expect a hotel stay that mirrors a home away from home experience. Guests increasingly want to take control of all aspects of their stay, from the check-in process and dining experience to spa appointments and in-room features.

Create Stronger Relationships with Your Employees through Innovative Work Environments

CytexOne Offers Commercial AV and Other Workplace Solutions

The modern workplace hasn’t always been cast in the best light. Recall such movies as Boiler Room, Office Space, and the Devil Wears Prada that evoke an image of an uber competitive work environment and a struggle to get ahead in the corporate world. Many companies are working to change these stereotypes and make the workplace a friendlier environment through employee engagement. Facility management professionals, architects, and designers highlight the importance of creating a sense of community via a work environment and through the use of technology. In this edition of our blog, we highlight some solutions, including commercial AV, that aid in creating greater employee engagement in your San Francisco, CA office.

In-Room Technology Enhances Guest Experience

CytexOne Will Help Hoteliers Create a Stay to Remember

Is it time to re-imagine how hotels utilize in-room technology? CytexOne designs and builds highly personalized hotel automation solutions that provide guests a 5-star stay giving them control of the shades, lights, temperature, TV, and music. With a single remote or tablet, guests can schedule a wake-up call, request valet service, or reserve a spa appointment. Such in-room technology will change the way visitors build their Philadelphia itineraries using a single, intuitive device.