What Does it Take to Keep Your Hotel Technology Running Smoothly?

Avoid Costly Downtime with Our Smart Support Solutions

Hotels often use integrated technology solutions to get multiple subsystems from security to booking working together for seamless operations. But as hotel properties become increasingly dependent on these systems, any protracted downtime could yield a substantial blow to their bottom line. That’s because downtime affects properties in three distinct ways.

How Voice Recognition Technology is Affecting the Hospitality Industry

New Features Allow Guests to Have a Virtual Concierge

The hospitality industry has always been at the forefront when it comes to embracing new technology. Voice recognition is the latest technology to be making a big impact in the industry. This hands-off feature offers newfound possibilities for luxury chains throughout the country and a way for properties in dense markets like Los Angeles and New York City to stand out.

5 Unique Ways to Use Mobile Apps in Your Hospitality System

Take Your Property to the Next Level by Embracing These Technology Trends

As with many other industries, a lot of innovations in the hospitality industry are happening on mobile platforms. Both guests and employees can benefit from hospitality systems that offer control and information on the go through smart devices. Properties in some of the most competitive markets including New York City and Los Angeles can enhance operational efficiency, help managers better multitask, and create a more personalized experience for guests. Below we highlight five ways the industry is already using mobile platforms on a daily basis.

How to Build a Robust Wi-Fi Network for Your Hotel

Plan Ahead for a Successful Hotel Communication System

In recent years, a strong hotel communication system has become a requirement for success in the hospitality industry. According to Ruckus, 83 percent of guests go out of their way to report bad Wi-Fi, and 36 percent won’t return to a hotel if they had a bad experience with their internet connection. Behind the scenes, the network is just as important to your Los Angeles, CA property.

Reduce Energy Usage through Guest Room Controls

Make it Easy for Hotel Guests and Staff to Embrace Eco-Conscious Initiatives

An important priority within the hospitality industry is reducing its massive environmental footprint. According to the U.S Green Building Council, hotels spend around $7.5 billion on energy each year. To cut down on these costs, hotels need to make sure guests buy into their energy-saving measures.

4 Ways Hotels Are Integrating the Internet of Things

This Year Has Seen Brand New IoT Applications in the Hospitality Industry

The Internet of Things is a network of interconnected devices that can communicate and cooperate with each other for added efficiency. Though in the past the term was primarily linked to residential uses, it has taken off in the commercial world as well. By letting various subsystems in a hotel work together effectively, it offers newfound efficiency and customization within the hospitality industry.

Reduce Hotel Labor Costs with a Comprehensive Technology Solution

Invest in Smart Technology and Management Software for Your Property

Labor costs can make up as much as 47 percent of a hotel’s operating costs. In Los Angeles, rises in workers’ minimum wage have put an additional strain on hoteliers. The best way to reduce these costs is by focusing on recruitment and turnover. This allows you to limit training periods as much as possible by hiring experienced employees and making sure they stick around for a long time.

Protect Your Guests and Property with These Security Protocols

Enhance Safety with the Right Technology Solutions and Comprehensive Training

Despite stiff competition from the VR (vacation rental booking) industry, specifically Airbnb and HomeAway, hotels can still possess an upper hand when it comes to safety. One of the reasons guests opt for professional properties is that they feel safer there than they would booking with a stranger. In this blog, we highlight some ways to step up your hotel safety and security measures to make sure you can deliver on guest expectations and ensure return business.

What is the Best Technology to Enhance Your Hotel Operations?

CyteOne’s Dan Levine Speaks with Spectrum about the Future of the Industry

As part of Spectrum Enterprise’s Hospitality Expert Insight Series, CytexOne CEO Dan Levine talked about the technology aspects of the hospitality industry that should be a priority for hoteliers this year. Levine joins other experts in discussing the rise of the Internet of Things, hotel automation, and even robotics. His interview is divided into two different videos, one focused on IoT (above) and another focused on the guest experience which you can find further down. In this blog, we highlight some of the main topics discussed.

Enhance Your Music Selection with Sonos’ Business Integration

Set the Perfect Mood in Your Retail or Hospitality Environment

Your business sound system shouldn’t be an afterthought; it could have a direct impact on your profits. The right playlist can help you expand your brand, attract customers, and even encourage them to make a purchase. A variety of studies have shown the impact music can have on purchasing behavior. Below are some of those studies’ conclusions:

Your small Los Angeles clothing boutique could benefit from fast, upbeat music which according to a study, makes businesses seem more hip and modern. In a bar or restaurant, the wrong music (imagine a sports bar playing romantic ballads) often deters clients. If you want people to stay in your establishment longer, slow music can make them move more slowly. One study even found that people were more likely to purchase French wines when they heard French music in a supermarket.